Figure 27.8A - rRNA structural alignment.

Figure 27.8B - rRNA structural alignment.

Figure 27.8. rRNA structural alignment. (A) Secondary structure of a portion of the 12S rRNA from the louse Ancistrona vagelli. Numbers correspond to specific stems and loops. (B) Alignment of 12S rRNA sequences from animals using secondary structure as a guide. The alignment shows domain III of animal 12S rRNA. The approximate locations of stems and loops (using numbers as in A) in the secondary structure are indicated. Stems are labeled above the alignment. Conserved motifs are indicated below the alignment. (r) Purine; (y) pyrimidine; (uppercase characters) highly conserved nucleotides. (A, Redrawn from B, Redrawn from Hickson R.E. et al. Mol. Biol. Evol. 17: 530–539, Fig. 1, © 2000 Oxford University Press.)