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Evolution: The Molecular Landscape

Cold Spring Harbor’s 74th Symposium
The Molecular Landscape
Edited by Bruce Stillman,
David Stewart, and
Jan Witkowski,
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory


Evolution Figures: Chapter 9

Click on the links below to view the figures.

FIGURE 9.0. Zebrafish embryo (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 9.1. Various genera of Volvocales (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 9.2. Volvox carteri asexual reproduction (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 9.3. Volvox carteri sexual reproduction (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 9.4. Dictyostelium sexual reproduction (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 9.5. Choanoflagellates (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 9.7. Production of an entire plant from differentiated cells (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 9.8. Regeneration in the amphibian eye (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 9.9. Tetra, a cloned monkey (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 9.10. Genomic rearrangements (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 9.12. Alternative splicing can generate functionally distinct proteins (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 9.13. Localization of actin in cells (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 9.14. Progressive nature of cell differentiation (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 9.15. Cancer cells have the ability to redifferentiate (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 9.16. Phylogenetic relationship of some major plant groups (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 9.17. Phylogenetic relationship of several insect orders (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 9.18. Phylogenetic relationship of some major animal groups (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 9.19. Animal phyla outside the traditional Bilaterians (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 9.20. Representative Deuterostomes (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 9.21. Representative Lophotrochozoa (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 9.22. Representative Ecdysozoa (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 9.23. Mutagenesis screen in zebrafish (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 9.24. Mutagenesis screens in Drosophila (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 9.25. Introduction of dsRNA complementary to a target mRNA (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 9.26. Drosophila cells (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 9.27. Formation of the Caenorhabditis elegans vulva (jpg) (pdf)


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