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Evolution: The Molecular Landscape

Cold Spring Harbor’s 74th Symposium
The Molecular Landscape
Edited by Bruce Stillman,
David Stewart, and
Jan Witkowski,
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory


Evolution Figures: Chapter 19

Click on the links below to view the figures.

FIGURE 19.0. Barn swallows (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 19.1. Selection coefficients measured between two competing genotypes (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 19.2. Genome-wide measurements of fitness in yeast (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 19.3. Alcohol dehydrogenase F allele increases in D. melanogaster (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 19.4. A chemostat, a simple device for maintaining a microbial population (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 19.5. Coexistence of three genotypes in an E. coli population (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 19.6. Larger flowers attract more visits from the Syrphid fly (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 19.7. Relationship between fitness and a quantitative trait (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 19.8. Antler size in red deer (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 19.9. Selection on tail streamers in barn swallows (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 19.10. Distribution of selection gradients (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 19.13. Rates of amino acid substitution vary across abalone sperm lysin gene (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 19.14. Distribution of allele frequencies in plaice (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 19.15. Population bottleneck (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 19.16. Divergence between species is greater for more variable proteins (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 19.17. Favorable mutations (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 19.18. Selective sweeps in D. melanogaster X chromosome (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 19.19. Ancestry of a population traces back to a small fraction free of deleterious mutation (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 19.20. Diversity in self-fertilizing species (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 19.21. Synonymous diversity in African populations of D. melanogaster (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 19.23. Similarity of protein sequences in Brassica (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 19.24. Sequence diversity in Jamaican click beetle (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 19.25. Codon usage bias increases with level of gene expression in yeast (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 19.27. RNA structure (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 19.28. Changes at different positions in bicoid gene sequence of Drosophila (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 19.29. Two haplotypes segregate within first intron of Adh in Drosophila (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 19.30. Alignment of a short region of mouse and human genomes (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 19.31. Genetic control elements conserved between species of Drosophila (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 19.32. Quantitative genetics of fitness in red deer on Rum (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 19.33. Selection on large numbers of genes generates only modest fitness variation (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 19.34. Replacement of one allele by another involves a substitution load (jpg) (pdf)


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