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Evolution: The Molecular Landscape

Cold Spring Harbor’s 74th Symposium
The Molecular Landscape
Edited by Bruce Stillman,
David Stewart, and
Jan Witkowski,
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory


Evolution Figures: Chapter 20

Click on the links below to view the figures.

FIGURE 20.2. MutS and topoisomerase II bind DNA (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 20.3. Copulating dung flies; male fitness; copulation time correlated with size (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 20.4. Predicted combination of oxygen uptake and malate uptake rates (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 20.5. How the leopard got its spots (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 20.6. Optimization with constraints (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 20.7. Synthetic set of 6 bp allows 12 “letters” in the genetic alphabet (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 20.8. Mortality increases with age in ring seals and pied flycatchers (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 20.10. Male fertility and survival as a function of time since eclosion from the pupa (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 20.11. Sensitivity of fitness to survival and fertility in males (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 20.12. Rate of senescence in birds and mammals (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 20.13. Optimal life history from fitness contours and survival trade-off curves (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 20.14. Mutations in daf-2 gene of C. elegans (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 20.15. Payoff matrix for game played between a DIV and its wild-type form (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 20.16. Payoff matrix representing rock–scissors–paper game (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 20.17. Rock–scissors–paper game in a bacterial population (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 20.18. Three color morphs of male side-blotched lizards (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 20.19. Examples of extravagant male traits (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 20.20. Male genitalia have complex morphology (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 20.22. Coloration in male sticklebacks (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 20.24. Testes are larger in primates where many males compete for females (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 20.25. Sexual selection in a monogamous bird, the arctic skua (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 20.26. Male genitalia have evolved complex structures (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 20.27. Sage grouse (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 20.28. Genetic variation in sperm competition in Drosophila (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 20.30. Phylogenetic evidence for sensory bias (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 20.31. Mating preferences generate linkage disequilibrium (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 20.32. Stripe size in male great tits (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 20.33. Female cockroaches (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 20.34. EPFs in great reed warblers (jpg) (pdf)


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