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Evolution: The Molecular Landscape

Cold Spring Harbor’s 74th Symposium
The Molecular Landscape
Edited by Bruce Stillman,
David Stewart, and
Jan Witkowski,
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory


Evolution Figures: Chapter 22

Click on the links below to view the figures.

FIGURE 22.0. American Southwest desert species (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 22.2. Complex relationships among Partula snails (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 22.3. Microsporidians (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 22.4. Asexual organisms (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 22.6. Overlap of white oaks Quercus grisea and Q. gambelii (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 22.7. Marsupials in Australia and placental mammals on other continents (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 22.8. Temporal and habitat isolation (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 22.9. Phylogeny showing relationships between D. melanogaster species group (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 22.10. Using genetic divergence to estimate when populations separated (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 22.11. Prezygotic and postzygotic isolation plotted against genetic distance of Drosophila (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 22.12. Rate at which B. subtilis incorporates DNA by transformation (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 22.13. Galeopsis tetrahit, tetraploid species of mint (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 22.14. Chromosomes of highly polyploid plants (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 22.15. Odd and even chromosome numbers used to estimate polyploidy (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 22.16. Flowers of Mimulus species (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 22.17. Distribution of QTL effects on pollination characters in Mimulus (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 22.18. Genetic analysis of incompatibilities between Drosophila species (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 22.19. Polygenic differences between the male genitalia of Drosophila species (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 22.20. Hybrid inviability in crosses between platyfish and swordtail (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 22.21. Genetics of incompatibility between Drosophila species (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 22.22. Fixation becomes extremely unlikely when Nes is large (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 22.23. Correlation between rates of chromosomal evolution and speciation (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 22.24. Two lineages diverge independently (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 22.25. Dobzhansky–Muller model (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 22.26. “Oxford” and “Hermitage” races of the shrew Sorex araneus (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 22.27. Allopatric, parapatric, and sympatric speciation (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 22.28. Barriers to movement affect morphology (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 22.29. Changes in a species’ range (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 22.30. QTLs responsible for reproductive isolation between Drosophila species (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 22.31. Reinforcement between pied and collared flycatchers (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 22.32. Locations of the African great lakes (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 22.35. Disruptive selection on a quantitative trait (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 22.36. Benthic and limnetic forms of Gasterosteus aculeatus (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 22.37. Apple maggot distribution across the United States and Mexico (jpg) (pdf)


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