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Web Resources

EvoNet, which is supported by the National Science Foundation and several Societies, is a comprehensive list of resources of all kinds.

The TalkOrigins Archive is a good starting point. It mainly lists sites dealing with evolution and religion but also has an extensive list of links to evolutionary science.

EvolDir is an E-mail directory that posts announcements of meetings, advertisements for jobs, and studentships, etc.

The National Center for Science Education defends the teaching of evolution in U.S. public schools.

Indiana University, Harvard University, and U.C. Berkeley host good Web sites that make a useful gateway to the web.

The PBS Evolution program has an excellent, accessible Web site.

The Darwin exhibition is touring museums around the world and has a good Web site.

The Tree of Life project sets out to describe the relationships among living organisms.

Evolution, Science and Society sets out the scope of evolutionary biology.

Evolution and Medicine is a Web site for scientists working at the interface between evolutionary biology and medicine.

ScienceDaily gives links to recent news on evolution.


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