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Evolution: The Molecular Landscape

Cold Spring Harbor’s 74th Symposium
The Molecular Landscape
Edited by Bruce Stillman,
David Stewart, and
Jan Witkowski,
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory


Evolution Figures: Chapter 10

Click on the links below to view the figures.

FIGURE 10.4. Alfred Wegener’s reconstruction of Earth’s land masses (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 10.5. Long-distance land dispersal route of Nothofagus (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 10.6. Location of the Doushantuo Formation, China (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 10.7. Spiny acritarch from the Doushantuo Formation, China (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 10.8. Cambrian phosphorites (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 10.9. Location of Ediacara site, Australia (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 10.10. Ediacara organisms Kimberella and Dickinsonia (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 10.11. Ediacara fossils (Charniodiscus and spindle-shaped forms) (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 10.12. Phosphatized Cloudina specimens from Dengying Formation, China (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 10.13. Early Cambrian shelly fossils (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 10.14. Burgess Shale Quarry site, British Columbia (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 10.15. Restoration of the Burgess Shale fauna (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 10.16. Fossil record and metazoan phylogeny (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 10.17. Morphological and molecular interrelationships of arthropod groups (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 10.18. Early Cambrian jawless fish Haikouichthys ercaicunensis (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 10.20. Cone of increasing diversity; Gould’s model; Cambrian radiation (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 10.22. Trackways of a possibly amphibious arthropod, Canada (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 10.23. Millipede Pneumodesmus newmani (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 10.25. Development of diversity in terrestrial animals (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 10.27. Location of the Rhynie Chert, Scotland (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 10.28. Late Carboniferous coal swamp forest (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 10.29. Comparison of skeletal features of early tetrapods (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 10.30. Rhyniognatha hirsti, the oldest fossil insect, Scotland (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 10.32. Thermopolis specimen of Archaeopteryx, Bavaria (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 10.33. Microraptor, a dinosaur from the Early Cretaceous, China (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 10.34. Continuum of models of speciation (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 10.37. Effects of the Permian extinction (jpg) (pdf)

FIGURE 10.38. Location of the Chicxulub crater, Mexico (jpg) (pdf)


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