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Evolution: The Molecular Landscape

Cold Spring Harbor’s 74th Symposium
The Molecular Landscape
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Aim and Scope Notes

Evolutionary Biology Describes the History of Life and Explains Why Organisms Are the Way They Are

For an approximate calculation of the information content of the human genome, see Chapter 3 Web Notes.

Evolutionary Biology Is a Valuable Tool

The apicoplast example of Figure A&S.2 is discussed by Gardner et al. (1991, 1994).

The use of phlyogenetic methods to infer base pairing in RNA molecules is discussed by Guttell et al. (1994). The structures in Figure A&S.3B,C are from Wimberley et al. (2000), who report the structure of the 30S ribosomal subunit.

The example of in vitro selection in Figure A&S.4 is from Crameri et al. (1996). For more recent work, which makes further improvements by using synthetic as well as natural amino acids, see Yoo et al. (2007).


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